Blackjack insurance: what to know

Blackjack insurance is an option available when the dealer draws an AS. This option protects you from blackjack, indeed if the dealer gets 21 is the player who wins the hand. To benefit from insurance, the player will have to invest half of its starting. Online, it is generally not recommended to take the insurance in Blackjack, because the chances of the dealer to make a blackjack are only about 30%.

Apart from slot machine games, baccara and roulette games, blackjack is among the best entertainment options at the casino. To be honest, as well on online casino sites or between the four walls of physical gaming rooms, Blackjack has now established itself as an essential entertainment.

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This is the case for the simple reason that this famous card game has among those offering a very big advantage to the player vis-à-vis the casino. Indeed, in blackjack, it is possible to vary the advantage of the house on the decline, in this case up to less than 1%.

Note however that to manage to do this, it is absolutely necessary to master the rules of the game, the techniques of bet and above all The various actions to be carried out during a part of Blackjack, because otherwise you will be unable to beat the dealer and make your games profitable. Among the actions, namely to carry out judiciously when deciding to play blackjack, there a l’assurance.

But what is insurance? Is it a strategy blackjack winner? If you read these lines, it's a safe bet that you are asking yourself these questions. If this is the case, know that you are doing well. Eh yes ! It is wise to find answers before losing your money hard in a game of blackjack games.

Blackjack insurance, what is it concretely?

Let’s put things right away: insurance is not a game technique, but rather an option that any player can use by playing blackjack on any online casino site. However, since it limits its losses, some consider it as a stratigary blackjack.

It is clear that blackjack insurance is often poorly used on online casinos, in this case by beginners. If you like to play the casino and do not want to fall into the same flaws as a good number of novices in this very popular game, you must at first take the time to understand what is actually theassurance blackjack.

If you decide to play safely on a new casino, it is essential to know how it works. At least it is if your desire is not only to entertain yourself, but also to earn money.

As its name suggests, "insurance" (or Insurance On English tables) presupposes prevention against a risk that can occur during part of this table game on a casino site.

Indeed, on a live casino, We take black insurance in blackjack To protect himself against a probable victory of the dealer with a main blackjack. You will therefore have understood: this action can be very useful during a game in a casino. But how do we use it on a game of the toy library of an online casino site or a land game establishment?

How does Blackjack insurance work?

As previously underlined, the insurance makes it possible to immunize the mobile or online casino player against the fact that the dealer wins the Channel by obtaining a blackjack. As a reminder, which is valid on any game site, the blackjack represents the strongest hand, not only because it has a value of 21 points, but also and above all because it consists of only two cards, In particular an AS (worth 11 points ideally in this case) and a 10 or a figure (k = king, q = queen and j = valet which are worth 10 points).

Like other actions at Blackjack card games, namely "separate" (or Split in English) and "double" (or Double In English), insurance is made for a remuneration which is deduced from the player's budget. Indeed, to take insurance at the various blackjack games in Live Casino, you have to pay half of its initial bet (example: bet of $ 10 + additional $ 5 insurance = total $ 15).

Therefore, on an online casino, if the dealer possibly makes a blackjack, you will not get out of it, at least not completely since you will have recovered part of your money. To be completely precise, you earn half of what was involved at the start. This is valid on all the variants of blackjack available on virtual casinos.

The Blackjack split.

An example will be more speaking to illustrate the functioning of insurance at blackjack games.

Suppose that at the start of a game of Black Jack, you are increasing 20 $ and that the first dealer's card is an AS.

Automatically, the option of take out When you are playing blackjack games will be offered. This is so because the dealer has probabilities of shooting a log (10, J, Q or K) as the second card, which will allow him to have a blackjack hand and win.

If you opt for insurance, you will have to bet an additional $ 10 so that the Dealer unveils its next card. If it is indeed a log, you will lose your initial bet of $ 20.

But on the other hand, your alternative bet of $ 10 carried out on the insurance will have brought you a gain of $ 10, or half of your starting bet. You will therefore have lost not all, but just half of your initial issue.

In a case where the dealer would not draw a log, you will lose your insurance, but you will always have the possibility of playing and winning your initial bet. You still have the opportunity to be able to Recover the lost money With the insurance bet carried out.

Black Jack insurance: excellent game strategy or not?

Considering the explanations previously delivered, the logic would like us to think that taking insurance at the Casino Blackjack games is always the best thing to do. However, this is not necessarily a good playing decision! Indeed, despite the great popularity of the technique d’assurance blackjack, the latter is far from the undeniably winning strategy that many game guides sell us.

If it is true that after having previously drawn an ace, the dealer is in a good position to have a log with his second draw, the probability of the occurrence of a blackjack is actually only 30.77%, this who does not even equivalent to one in two chance that it happens. And this probability is even lower when a number of logs have already come out.

The players are therefore getting on to think of having an excellent basic strategy with insurance. To be honest, by opting for insurance, it is rather the casino on which you play that you often benefit.

Why ? Well, it is simply because the dealer is only about 30% luck to make a blackjack when he draws an ace as a first card. And this percentage evolves even down according to the number of logs having already been fired and the number remaining to be drawn, that is to say all the logs still available in the hoof.

Statistically speaking, theassurance blackjack is therefore A play action to avoid When we indulge in this table game on casinos. However, it should be noted that this option can turn to your advantage and thus increase your chances of winning at the casino. The question to ask is: under what conditions and what is the best time to take out insurance?

When to take blackjack insurance?

In terrestrial casinos or on an online casino, there are two scenarios in which to take the insurance on a blackjack game table can turn to the advantage of the player.

The first reason you can take insurance at the Black Jack table games is if your little inner voice whispers to do it. Indeed, although blackjack is an entertainment with which the strategy can be used to win games, it remains above all a game of chance. And therefore, intuition can be a good ally to win. Therefore, if they feel it well, players can take out insurance when the dealer draws an ace.

The second case where the insurance bet can be carried out is when you know how to play and count the cards. Indeed, experienced card meters from a virtual casino have the ability to know at any time in the course of a part, the exact number of logs that remains to be drawn.

The second scenario where the insurance bet can be carried out is when you know how to perfectly Play and count the cards. Indeed, experienced casino card meters have the ability to know at any time in the course of a part, the exact number of logs that remains to be drawn.

To understand how cards counting can help make an informed decision with regard to blackjack insurance, the player must already know that in a pack of 52 cards, there are 16 being able to associate with AS Croupier for the latter to get a blackjack. By the way, it was this information that made the calculation of the probability of 30.77% (16/52) mentioned a little higher.

To give you a little idea of how the cards counts, consider this example: you are involved in a game with several other players whose hand is made up of cards between 2 and 9, but the dealer fired an ace.

In this case, it is absolutely necessary to take insurance without hesitation when it is proposed. The reason ? Well, it's simply because all the figures are still to be drawn. De facto, the dealer is likely to win by doing a black jack.

Why insurance is not recommended in blackjack

The example below shows that the use of blackjack insurance is not viable in the long term.

  1. You are alone against a dealer and you do not have cards worth 10 in your hand. The player bet is 40 euros.
  2. Of the 49 cards remaining in the packet, 16 of them are worth 10.
  3. Insurance costs you $ 20 and earns you 40 $.
  4. On average you will earn 40 euros x 16 (number of remaining cards worth 10) or $ 640.
  5. However, the 33 losses of 20 euros make you lose -660 euros.
  6. In total you lose 20 euros.

This hand remains the best possible scenario since you are alone at the table and no one else can have 10. If there had been several players, the probability that the dealer has a hidden card of value 10 (which make you win the hand) would have been even lower.

Blackjack insurance: opt for the online version of the game!

Now that you understand how l’assurance Black jack, it's time to think about where you are going to play. Admittedly, the trend is to indulge in blackjack games in the best hard casinos, however, you would benefit from online game tables. Already, at the time of your registration on a virtual casino, you get a welcome bonus that you can use it to play Blackjack games for free and make money on your real account.

Online casinos also offer free games, allowing you to familiarize yourself with game rules and develop your own winning strategies. If you still prefer to play with humans, there is the Live casino. This game mode allows you to play from the comfort of your home in the face of flesh and bone deales that animate the most prestigious terrestrial casinos game tables. You wish Live a truly immersive experience ? In this case, the casino with live dealer is what you need! Good winnings!

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