Gadule: the Streamer Casino that everyone knows

Lug is considered the American Casino streamer the most popular. He is young, but he built an empire thanks to gambling. Today, his fortune is estimated at millions of euros.

He continued his career with brilliant and shared his advice to his community. Do you want to follow his steps? Discover his journey.

who is a freezing?

Bidule is an online streamer that specializes in Casino games. He’s a big fan of games of chance. He shares his achievements and his tips on the Internet, for the benefit of a large community. It is found on different video streaming sites where it is very active. But he also holds his own channel which already has many live videos.

Bidule is a young streamer who is only 23 years old. However, he has experience in the field. Adrien, alias Bidule, took his first steps on the Internet in 2012. He begins on YouTube and is known through the Minecraft game. Over the years, there is a new passion, the game of money. He then converted into Casino streaming.

But how did a fervent teenager of video games find himself playing the lottery? In fact, he tried the CS Go online game or Counter Strike Global Offensive. He bet on skins and earned money. He is then interested in this area and continues with other games. He tries new products and today he shares this interest with his subscribers and other streamers.

log and its biggis exploits

The Streamer of Casino Bidule is known for its high bets and its big gains. His biggest Casino evening was where he earned 1.5 million euros. We must also cite the $ 500,000 he won over Mega Ball and the $ 195,000 on the Slot machine The Dog House Megaways. All these earnings won thanks At the Cresus Casino bonuses.

Each of these gains was broadcast live on its Twitch channel, to the delight of its fans. The luck of the gauge made him a very popular figure in the players' community.

Many people are now impatient to see how much he can still win.

follow biduThe on the internet

It is therefore clear that we find it most often on Twitch. In addition, he is regularly present on other streaming platforms. He is notably on Youtube with the Highlights Bidule Channel. It is also on Twitter @lebidule, on Instagram @lebidule and on Discord

This is one of the streamer casino The most followed. You can also join his community to follow his achievements. You can find tips for making money and being as rich as him. It also offers good deals and opportunities not to be missed.