vaus: a streamer casino to follow absolutely

Do you like to watch casino games played by expert professionals? If this is the case, then you will want to know Vauses, a streamer on Twitch. This talented woman is an ace of slot machines.

She has a contagious personality and many tips and tips to share in the field of casino games! Whether you are a seasoned professional or you start, Vauses certainly has something to offer you. So if you are trying to entertain yourself and educate yourself, do not fail to go to your channel!

who is vaus?

Vaus, or marine of his real name, is a young woman 27 years old. She spent her childhood and adolescence in USA. In 2014, she left the country to settle in Hungary. But how did this young entrepreneur become a streamer casino?

In reality, it all started with his passion for the online poker that she discovered at the age of 18. For 5 years, she played regularly and she won a lot of gain since she had a good level of play.

In 2017, Vauses wanted to stop the poker by weariness and it was when his life took an incredible turn. Indeed, she made the discovery of Twitch and the universe of video games. Win the jackpot By playing the best online casino.

Vauses knew how to impose herself and she rose in popularity quickly. Currently, it's a famous streamer, well known for its discretion, tattoos, humor and overflowing energy.

vaus and online casino games

When Vaus discovered Twitch, she was first interested in the video games, especially FPS and Battle Royal. But his streamer career started mainly thanks to the Fortnite game.

Not only did the young entrepreneur launched sessions live sur Twitch, but she also created her YouTube channel. We can say that she found the right tactic to quickly increase the number of her viewers.

In August 2019, Vauses discovered theOnline casino universe. She decided to stop Fortnite to indulge in her new passion for slot machines. So she became a real streamer casino.

Vauses has become an exclusive Bitcasino partner. But after a few months, other casinos spotted it. This is the case of Cresus which offered him an exclusive contract until the end of December 2019.

Vaus is especially visible on the Play’n’Go slots or Pragmatic Play. She particularly appreciates Tome of Madness and Leprechaun Goes Wild. On the other hand, she has never done live poker game sessions.

the biggis victories of vauses

As soon as he arrived at Twitch, Vauses immediately experienced success. It's hard to count your big wins since there are so many. But she particularly shone during her 5,000 hours of play on Tome of Madness.

Vauses also won significant gains with other slot machines. Among other things, it is necessary to cite the X9354 on Chaos Crew and the incredible X 10750 on Bounty Pop. Thanks to her earnings, she was able to offer herself the car of her dreams, the pretty Ford Mustang 2017.