Bitcoin casino: what to know

In recent years, the world of payment systems has been revolutionized by the advent of Bitcoin. This change was of such a depth and so remarkable that several sectors were affected. That of online entertainment, and more specifically games of money has not been an exception.

This is how we saw the birth of the casino Bitcoin which is nothing more than an online casino using Bitcoin. Do you want to know more about the subject? If this is the case, continue reading this article to the end. You will discover a lot of interesting details, including the advantages and disadvantages linked to playing on a Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin, what is it?

For non-geeks among us who read these lines, in particular the followers of gambling belonging to the old generation and interested in this new type of casino called Casino 2.0, it is necessary to explain this somewhat that is that bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency, especially the first having emerged. It was created by an individual whose identity remains unknown until now, but responding to the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The term bitcoin is used to designate a virtual currency, but also a peer payment system in peer commonly known as P2P. Being exclusively digital, Bitcoin does not use any physical support, in this case tickets or parts.

It is also decentralized, which means that it is not issued by any central authority as a government, a central bank or any financial institution. Also, the value of Bitcoin is not indexed to any legal trustee (Euro, Dollar, Sterling, Yen, etc.) or even a raw material (gold, diamond, oil, etc.).

Like the dollar or the euro, Bitcoin acts as a means of payment. In other words, it is possible to exchange, store and make payments with this cryptographic currency.

"What has Bitcoin so special? », Could you ask.

Well, so much. One of the advantages of its use, decentralization, was previously mentioned. This means that Bitcoin transactions are carried out without any intermediary. Another asset of bitcoin which is its strong point is the security it offers. We will come back in more detail below speaking of the advantages of casino Bitcoin.

How to choose a good Bitcoin casino to play?

Given the extent that the use of cryptocurrencies takes, the casinos having adopted bitcoin as a means of payment multiply. Crypto-enthusiastic and players wishing to try a casino Bitcoin So have a wide range of choices available. Read our reviews on the Bitcoin casino, Casinozer.

However, not all online Paris sites using this cryptocurrency are not worth a look. To determine if a Bitcoin casino is able to offer you a decent and satisfactory betting experience, here are the different criteria to take into account:

How to play on a Bitcoin casino?

Play on a casino Bitcoin is not very complicated. The first thing to do is register by filling out a form where you will have to provide a certain number of information that will be used for the creation of your account. The second step is the supply of the account created.

To this end, using a fiduciary currency (euro, dollar, etc.), you must get bitcoins through a platform specializing in cryptocurrency trade. These Crytomonnaie purchase and sale platforms are better known as an interchange.

When you have been transferred, you will see it on your balance which will obviously have increased.

Then you can place bets on your favorite games. To remove and receive your earnings, you will have to create a wallet (electronic portfolio), and to do this several options are available to you. Some of the most popular are: Blockchain, Base corner, Bitpay, Trust Wallet and Ledger Nano X which is a physical cryptocurrency portfolio.

The advantages and disadvantages of playing on a Bitcoin casino

Play on a casino Bitcoin offers a number of advantages, but there are also some disadvantages to know.

Benefits :

The inconvenients :