Casinozer Aviator reviews: game rules, features and tips to win

If there are many crash games today, the one to which everyone seems to turn is aviator. Yes, this banal entertainment option has become the darling of online casino followers. Why ? Well, you will know it soon enough, because it is what we will talk about in this article. In this opinion on the game casinozer aviator, we have decided to reveal everything about its functioning and its particularities. As a bonus, you will be entitled to expert advice to increase your profitability by playing on casinozer Review.

presentation of the game

Aviator is a minijeu. And as you most likely know, this type of entertainment has the distinction of being very easy to play. Everyone can stick to it: both experienced players with years of experience and the perfect beginners who discover this universe for the first time. You will therefore understand, Aviator is a general public game.

The paradox of the success of this online casino title is that it was designed and launched by a developer who is still making his debut in Igaming: we have named Spribe. The latter opened its doors in 2018 only and also already has other much appreciated games: Mines, Mr Roulette, Goal and many more.

To return to Aviator, the game presents graphics devoid of all aesthetics, and it is curiously an aspect that the players seem to appreciate. The title interface is also very simple to understand and use. There is a screen where the game and a sessions management panel takes place at the bottom of it.

On the left side of the interface, you can consult the data of each game, including the number of users playing the game, the history of your bets and those of the other participants as well as the top gains made on this title. Activate the code promo Casinozer.

how does the game go?

To describe Aviator Casinozer, the short version is that it is a plane game on which the objective is to collect as much money as possible and as quickly as possible. If you want to know the long version, we must in this case explain a number of aspects.

First, you have to start the game, choose a starting bet in a range of uprights that covers $ 0.10 to 100 $ and click on the "BET" key.

Once the plane has taken off, it will be necessary to press "cash out" before the device evaporates from the game screen. Please note that the device will remain visible for a long time, you will notice a multiplier coefficient whose value will continue to increase.

In other words, the longer you wait before pressing cash out, the more important your earnings are. On the other hand, if the device disappears from your view before you clicked on the famous cash out button, you will lose your starting bet.

For example, if you set up 50 $ and decide to collect your earnings when the coefficient at a X10 value, you will receive $ 500. It is important to emphasize that the multiplier can go up to X100 to award you a jack of $ 10,000. How to do a Casinozer withdrawal.

what are the special options of casinozer aviator?

Aviator incorporates several functions that are worthy of interest. The latter enhance the game experience in a way. These special options include:

Auto mode

As is the case on slot machines, this option aims to let the sessions take place in a completely automatic manner. The player can bask in his chair and watch (or not) his screen. The game will take place without having to lift a finger. Here, the auto mode makes it possible to define a certain number of players, a bet that will be deducted from each play tour and a specific multiplier coefficient to collect its earnings.

Le Live Chat

As the name suggests, it is an instant messaging function. You have understood correctly, it is possible to chat in this game. This option is all the more interesting since it will amuse you, will allow you to make beautiful meetings and receive free bets if some players consent to you offer it.

The double bet

For some, this is an option that might look unnecessary, but it is far from being. Indeed, being able to carry out two bets at the same time allows you to be able to make more money at the end of a single play tour. And more importantly, this function plays a major role in the application of game strategies that we will discover a little lower.

aviarace tournaments: uniwhat opportunities to make money

All Aviator Games are network connected so that you can allow all the users of the game to be able to take part in tournaments. There are no special eligibility conditions, so everyone can try their luck.

Aviarace tournaments are winning bonuses. On the other hand, those who illustrate each other brilliantly, that is to say the best participants, are rewarded with various prizes including free bets, specific advantages and obviously cash.

what are the strategies and tricks to win on aviator easily?

The specialty of gambling lies in the unpredictable aspect of the results of the sessions. It is this random side of online casino titles that arouses the excitement and the pleasure that players are looking for so much.

In short, all that to say that the chance influences this kind of entertainment option, and to win, so you have to recover from the good graces of the latter. However, what makes the beauty of the thing is the possibility of implementing and applying strategies to get out of it.

In the next lines of this Aviator review, we will reveal two major strategies widely used by players to increase their chances of profitable. However, it should be noted that these are not techniques that allow you to win every time.

LA Martingale Classique

It is a technique that we no longer present to casino players, at least to the most experienced. This is a strategy that is very used in roulette, but which, happily, can also be used with other games of money like Aviator.

The principle of this game tip could not be simpler. The previous bet must be doubled in the event of a loss until you get a gain. After which, we come back to the starting bet. To apply the Martingale on Aviator, you must use the auto mode to define a precise multiplier coefficient.

For example, if you have 10 $ and the plane explodes before you have been able to collect, it will be necessary to bet on 20 $. If you still wipe a loss, the bet will go to 40 $. On the other hand, if you manage to collect after this bet, the next round will have to be played with a bet of $ 10.

Advantage and drawback of this strategy

Advantage : In case of earnings, you recover all the previous losses and even make a little profit.

Inconvenience : It is a betting technique that exhausts quickly financially. It is therefore necessary to have a substantial budget to take advantage of it.

the Double betting technique

The other strategy recommended by experts to increase your chances of winning in Aviator is the double betting technique. What does it consist of ? It’s just about placing two simultaneous bets, rather than one. It is advisable to play in Aviator this way.

More concretely, it will be a question of placing a small and a big bet. For the small bet, you will have to choose a higher multiplier coefficient than that of the big bet. Ideally, it is advisable to stick to a coefficient of X1.5 for the most important bet.

For example, you can place a first bet of $ 10 with an X5 coefficient and a second bet of $ 20 with an X1.5 coefficient. It will be noted that for this strategy, it is also necessary to use the auto mode in terms of multiplier coefficients.

Advantage and drawback of this strategy

Advantage : The big stake allows you to recover all the money that has been bet as soon as you cash at 1.5. As for the small bet, it is used to make profits.

Inconvenience : This strategy does not work every time, which means that it is less effective in the long term.

where to play in aviator with interesting bonuses?

Aviator conquered the world of the casino. So much so that online Paris sites operators are constantly as long as they do not add to their toy library so that they can benefit their members.

But should we play this game on any site? Of course not ! Why ? Well, it is for the simple reason that not all establishments are of the same ilk.

Some establishments are much more efficient than others, especially because of the quality of their service and their seriousness. One of these Online casinos that is worth it is casinozer. This is simply the best game destination of the moment. So there is no better than this platform to offer you a high -flying experience on Aviator.

He is also one of the few online casinos to offer players Exclusive bonuses to play in Aviator. If you manage to make earnings, you can also get into possession of your money as soon as possible.

our verdict on casinozer aviator: is this game really worth it?

casinozer aviator is undeniably one of the best creations in the latter. This is a title that is for everyone since it makes absolutely no distinction between players, with regard to skills in the game.

In addition, the features integrated by the developer, the Aviarace tournaments and the X100 multiplier are solid reasons for embarking on a game.

And icing on the cake, it is possible to use strategies to increase your chances of winning this game. Our opinion is therefore that this creation of Spribe Absolutely is worth the detour and has enough to pleasantly surprise its users.