the demailing Casinozer mines of spribes

The most popular online casino of the moment presents an incredible game library. Among the new games registered on Casinozer figures le Spribes editor's mines game Whether online, beginners or pro players are tearing off. Discover here everything you need to know about the game casinozer mines : How to play it? What are the expected earnings? How to withdraw your agent? Is the game reliable?

Casinozer mines: an interesting game potential

Innovative in his approach, but also in his game offers, Casinozer wanted once again to surprise his players online. Among the new features that integrate the library of the online game site, the most popular currently, is the Spribes editor's mines game. The latter is known for having published the Aviator game (also famous on the platform with phenomenal bonuses).

Casinozer mines or the gaming game is not really new among players online. An old version dating from the 1960s made this popular game. Casinozer Mines is exclusive on the Casino and Bookmaker online. It is accessible to all gamblers profiles for both beginners and experienced players. Its operation remains simple and practical. The key, big gains simply using strategies and logic. The game potential is also interesting with a Acceptable Risks/Gains ratio.

about the editor Spribes

Games publisher growing in the field of Igaming, Spribes was founded in 2018. It currently exists in several European states where it is legally operating. It is accredited by the MGA and the Gibraltar Games Commission. He also has the authorizations necessary to create and develop online games. The publisher has been gaining popularity since in particular the Aviator game (exclusive on casinozer).

how does the casinozer mines play work?

Casinozer Mines is a pure game of chance. The game is in the form of 25 boxes, behind which mines (bombs) and stars hide. L'game objective is to collect as many stars as possible while avoiding mines. These could have fun, but above all go to square one. In this case, you will have lost.

However, in order not to garner in a dead dammener, the game leaves you the choice to select the number of mines which will be hidden under the boxes. In this way, you will not be too surprised and can anticipate. You have the choice between 1 to 20 mines For each game.

To start the game, it is recommended not to change the classic version of the grid. It offers 22 stars and 3 mines. For players who like to take risks and who want to take more earnings, do not hesitate to increase the number of mines. This is what makes this game of chance exciting for players. This is the possibility of falling on mines at any time and losing all your earnings. It is also important to note that the more mines on the field, the more you maximize your chances of earning more money.

how to play casinozer mines?

To access the game, you have the choice between the Free version and real silver version. In the first version, you can try the game, just to take it in hand and understand its operation. So you can maximize your chances of winning earnings, once in real money.

In the real money version, you play money throughout the game. You get cashable earnings. For Play on the demo version or free version, you can go directly to the online casino website and start a game. To play in full, you must download software or application to your mobile.

cazinozer mines game ruThe

Now that you know how this game of chance works, here are the steps to Play Casinozer Mines :

  • In free version, select the game directly from the library.
  • Launch the game by clicking on "Bet"
  • Choose the number of mines on the field then start playing.
  • At random, click on boxes to discover a star or a mine.
  • Each discovery star box will bring you money
  • If you come across a mine, the game will be lost.
  • In a paid version, you will have to make a starting bet between 10 to 100 $.

how much can you win with the casinozer mines game?

There is not really an ideal or precise amount when gain. You can withdraw your earnings from $ 20. However, there is a principle in this gaming which saves more. It is being able to multiply its earnings by choosing the correct combination of stars. That is to say, if you chain the correct choices, your gain multiplies. The multiplier value depends on the number of mines chosen. This means that the more mines you choose, the higher the multiplier.

Another Advantage of the Casinozer Mines game, It is to be able to build a long -term gain. If by chance, you do not come across mines for several parts, the amount of your earnings can reach up to $ 10,000. The Casinozer Mines is a reliable and balanced casino mini-game. The return to player (RTP) is estimated at 97 %.

how to collect your earnings on casinozer mines?

Another one Particularity of the Casinozer Mines game, It is also the possibility of taking your earnings at any time. That is to say that as soon as you find a star, you can collect your money. In this way, you are not likely to lose everything if you come across a mine for the next huts. In addition, you should know that it is not necessary to find all the stars of the box. As soon as your earnings seem enough to you, or as soon as you deliver 4 to 5 stars, you can collect them. This is a little risky strategy that will allow you to secure your real money.

To collect your money, just click on the cash out option. Your earnings will be paid according to the normal procedures of the online game site: on your bank account, on your electronic portfolio or by crypto.

some questions about the Casinozer mines game

Before you get started completely in the game, you have to know a little more about Casinozer Mines. Here you will find additional opinions and information on The Casinozer Mines game, to give you a little idea what to expect.

Is it easy to play Casinozer Mines?

The grip of the game is very easy. The software is very fluid and the interface is ergonomic. The rules of play are very quickly assimilated. You are ready to play in less than five minutes. To play in real money, you obviously have to Register on the Casinozer website And have an account in order to make a deposit.

Do not forget that Casinozer Mines is a mini-game. The games are not really very long and the gains are obtained faster. In addition, the game offers several options to improve the player-player. In addition to choosing a number of mines, you also have a jacklive that allows players to share their experiences and techniques between them. Which makes Casinozer Mines a Original and entertaining game.

Who can play Casinozer Mines?

It should be noted that like all Online casino games, Casinozer Mines is only authorized for 18 -year -old people. Documents attesting that you are the legal age can be requested when you remove your earnings (identity card, passport, etc.).

Is it possible to cheat on Casinozer Mines?

It is impossible to cheat on the game and besides on any game of the casino and bookmaker online. Watch out for strategies that are considered to be cheating. You just have to adopt your own strategy to be able to play and win.

Anyway, the Casinozer mines game Use technology to ensure the equity of the game. This allows you to know that the game is reliable. Indeed, Casinozer Mines has a system called probably fair. This technology used in the blockchain ensures equity, but also the reliability of transactions.