Casinozer withdrawal: Conditions and means of payment

The withdrawal policy implemented by Casinozer is one of the main reasons for its success with the players' community. Indeed, it is an operator who is fully aware of the expectations of online Paris followers and who has done the necessary to satisfy them at this level. If you are one of those who place the "withdrawal" aspect at the top of their list of criteria for choosing an online casino or if you are looking for reliable information on How to withdraw money from Casinozer, you will undoubtedly find all the answers to the questions that toll you in this article.

what means of payment accepted on casinozer?

To assess the effectiveness of Casinozer's withdrawal policy, what could be better than starting with the range of banking options offered by the operator for transactions.

It is no longer a secret for anyone or at least for operators: players clearly have a preference for online casinos that offer a large variety of payment methods. Why ? Well, it is simply because everyone agrees that the more there are, the better! In the field of casinos, this assertion means that the multiplicity of alternatives to carry out transactions considerably simplifies life to users.

now let's look at what the casinozer payment methods contain:

1) Cryptocurrencies : It has been almost several years since cryptographic currencies have appeared and revolutionized the universe of online payment systems. They have settled well in the daily lives of humans and today occupy an undeniable place. If there is an area where the use of cryptocurrencies is more and more appreciated, it is the online casino. The proof is the enthusiasm of the players for the Bitcoin Casinos who keep multiplying on the canvas.

Casinozer has entered the ranks of these famous Bitcoin Casinos still called Crypto Casinos. It therefore offers its users the possibility of making discretion transactions, far from the prying eyes of bankers or tax authorities. Cryptographic or digital currencies accepted by Casinozer are not shitcoins, but popular cryptocurrencies and very used for transactions in daily activities.

These cryptoactives include Bitcoin (BTC) which is the precursor of all these virtual currencies, Ethereum (Eth), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (Dog), Tronix or Tron (TRX) And some stable corners such as Tether (USDT) and the USDC. This list can be extended, in particular thanks to Bitpace which is a bridge facilitating between players and online casinos transactions in a large number of cryptocurrencies.

2) Conventional means of payment : Although being a Bitcoin Casino, Casinozer does not lead a zero tolerance struggle to traditional online payment services providers. And we think it is a good thing, because all the online casino players have not turned into cryptocurrency. Also, even if digital currencies undeniably gain ground in the sphere of means of transactions, it is not very clear tomorrow the day before the total eviction of conventional payment solutions (if this should one day happen).

Regarding conventional means of payment accepted by Casinozer for withdrawals, there is The bank transfer, Skrill and Mifinity. However, it will be noted that depending on the country of origin from the player, other means of withdrawal can appear in the range offered by Casinozer. For example, if you play USA, you can use Interac for your transactions. Be that as it may, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the range of Casinozer payment methods is very extensive.

What are the withdrawal deadlines offered by Casinozer?

Much more than the payment range, which is mainly interested in players is how long they can receive their money as soon as they launch a withdrawal from Casinozer. Well, the operator is not the most diligent of everyone with regard to the payment of gains. But its payment deadlines are nevertheless completely decent.

Indeed, the Casinozer financial service needs a period from 24 to 48 hours To study your request. This waiting period is certainly not a pleasure for the player, but it is necessary for the casino in order to verify whether the bonuses have not been used abusive or if a malicious individual does not use Their platform to make money laundering.

After this period of time, if the casino does not find the slightest valid reason to cancel your request for withdrawal, Funds will be sent directly to your bank account or electronic wallet. The deadline for money to appear on your balance is no longer the responsibility of Casinozer, as it depends on the payment method chosen to collect your gaming gains. Obviously, cryptocurrencies are the best way to receive your money in as soon as possible. Consult our article on casinozer aviator.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled to withdraw money?

The first requirement to meet to be able to withdraw money from Casinozer is to have the minimum balance required for withdrawals, which is 50 $.

Then, like any self -respecting online casino, Casinozer must carry out a KYC verification. It is a security procedure that prevents minors from betting and warns against any fraudulent activity. To perform this verification and therefore validate your account, simply send the following documents to the [email protected]:

how to withdraw from casinozer?

When you are connected to your account, here are the steps to follow to withdraw money:

Please note that Casinozer does not take any commission Both for silver deposits and withdrawals.

If you wish to withdraw in USDT, be sure to enter only an ERC20 portfolio address.

For any other information about withdrawals, do not hesitate to the Casinozer customer assistance service.