Blocked casino account: how to be unlocked?

When you have a Blocked Casino account, you may feel like it is the end of the world. You may not be able to access your funds or play your favorite games. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to try to unlock your account.

In this article, we will explore some of the causes of account blocking and propose some possible solutions. Continue to read to find out more!

the reasons for the casino account blocking

A Blocked Casino Account is a real nightmare especially for players who have already invested a lot of money in the games and have won beautiful prize pools. When the problem occurs when transferring the gains to the bank account, it is total panic. But what could cause such a problem?

faiThed connection attempts

Providing poor identifiers at the time of connection is one of the main reasons for the Blocked Casino account. This is a harmless fault that can be easily resolved. In addition, entering a bad password or an inadvertently wrong username is a mistake that everyone can make.

However, when this maneuver occurs repeatedly, the casino considers it as an act of hacking. To protect the account holder, the establishment decides to block it.

probThems in terms of verification

To properly check the identity of a player when requesting a gain withdrawal, managers of the online games site generally ask for some documents. Among other things, we cite the copy of the identity card or the player's passport, a banking document as well as a still valid proof of address.

When the supporting documents are illegible or poorly scanned, this can generate account blocking. It is the same when the player sends documents that do not correspond to the information provided at the time of registration. For the online casino, it's a kind of piracy attempt. This automatically triggers the account blocking procedure.

registration with a false identity

When the account is created, the casino requests different information. As a security measure, some players provide false data. This is a bad idea especially when you plan to play in real money.

Indeed, by making such a decision, you risk seeing your Blocked casino account When the casino verifies information. It is very likely that the blocking will be final, which will prevent you from recovering your earnings.

Double account detection

It is also a reason for Blocked casino account very usual. In general, members of an online game establishment should only have one account. Some players take the risk of creating other profiles in order to access several bonuses and optimizing the chance to gain a gain. This represents an attempt at fraud.

In addition, the casino team can easily detect the existence of other accounts. This is the case when the player connects with the same IP address or when he must provide verification documents for the withdrawal of earnings. In all cases, the sentence will be blocking the two accounts.

vioThetion of terms and conditions

All casino game fans know that at the time of registration, they are required to read the terms and conditions although they are often long. They bring together the regulations to be respected in order to access the services and offers of the game establishment.

They can for example concern the use of the platform and the various games it offers or on the use of bonuses. In any case, non-compliance with terms and conditions may cause the Blocked casino account.

volAndtary fraud in the game

Most online casinos have set up rules to protect themselves from professional players who apply various tactics to boost their luck to earnings. Among other things, it is necessary to cite the counting of the cards during a game of Blackjack, the forms of "at minimized" bets or even the Martingale method.

The use of these strategies is considered an attempt at fraud, which can have serious consequences. Operators monitor players' behavior in order to identify those who use these methods. The sanction can be a simple warning, a refusal of gains or a Blocked casino account.

play on an illegal casino

Playing on an illegal casino is also one of the reasons to have a blocked casino account. Indeed, when you play on a game establishment that does not hold a license issued by a competent authority, it tends to block your account when you amassing a significant gain.

the consequences of a blocked casino account

The consequences of a Blocked casino account vary according to the reason for blocking. In most cases, the player concerned cannot access his account, funds and bonuses until the problem is resolved. If the cause of blocking is a simple error, it will find the use of his account.

In the case of a blocking for fault as a misuse of the bonuses, it is very likely that the gains obtained by the player will be removed. It is the same with regard to the placements placed. The player will also receive a warning and in the event of a recurrence, the sanction will be heavier.

If the Blocked Casino account is a procedure set up to protect the player, everything will become normal after a while. Indeed, the operator will first have to carry out a careful verification before unlocking the account.

In the case of a voluntary fault or an offense, the Blocked Casino account will be permanently suspended. It will therefore be necessary to refer to the terms and conditions to know if it is possible to recover the bankroll. In most cases, bets and credits are given to the authorities. It is the same with regard to the player's IP address. The latter will no longer be able to replay the casino.

In the event that the game establishment is closed definitively, which is the case when it operates illegally, it will be impossible to unlock the account. Thus, the player has no chance of recovering his earnings and the bets he paid.

The solutions to be adopted in the event of a Blocked Casino account

In cas of Blocked casino account, yielding to panic is not the right solution. The first reflex to have is to check the reason for blocking. Then, you have to adopt the right strategies to be able to access your account again and avoid sanctions in the event of an offense. Discover the solutions to adopt.

Contact casino customer support to start

Obviously, the first thing to do in the event of a Casino Blocked account is to the customer service of the game platform. If possible, it is advisable to opt for live cats or the telephone call. This allows you to discuss directly with a technician and to know in detail the process to be done to solve the problem.

Normally, online notoriety casinos have good customer support. The latter has the function of responding to all players' requests. Thus, he can give you explanations on the reason for the Blocked Casino account.

If the blocking is linked to a minor problem such as the use of poor identifiers, just provide some documents to confirm your identity. After verification, your account will be active again. You can also recover your earnings and the various advantages acquired in previous game sessions.

On the other hand, if the Blocked Casino account is linked to a more serious problem, including an offense, it will be difficult to find a solution. In most cases, online game platforms opt for the total elimination of the player's account. So you will lose all your earnings.

file a compTheint

If you think that your account has been blocked unfairly, that is to say, for no valid reason and that the operator refuses to cooperate, there is only one way possible. It consists of lodging a complaint with the complaint service. The latter will play the role of mediator. It is a professional who has the function of resolving conflicts between bettors and casinos.

In most cases, the mediator gives both parties to find an amicable solution 96 hours. If so, the complaint will be closed. But before filing the complaint, you must find out about the procedures to follow In the event of a complaint for Blocked Casino account.

Contact the online game regulation agency

If all attempts to unlock the account are doomed to failure, the last possible solution is to the regulatory authority which issued the license of the game operator. This is the most effective method.

But you still have to identify it and inquire about the steps to follow.