Crazy Time Casino: The darling of live casino followers

All Live entertainment fans will tell you: Crazy Time Casino is a real nugget! This game can make you go through all the emotions, and that is precisely what makes it unique in its kind. It is among the many games offered in the most famous virtual casinos. If this title stings your curiosity and makes you want to play it for real money, we offer below a list of online casinos on which you can do it.

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The Crazy Time game in short

Released in 2020, the Live Casino game Crazy Time Casino The right time came, in this case in the period of health crisis caused by COVID-19. The game was for many casino players online an excellent palliative to stress, loneliness and the anxiety of confinement. Thanks to this pearl, the developer Evolution confirms quite easily what we thought of his sense of creativity and his unparalleled inspiration.

The game with Croupiers Crazy Time Casino is a wheel of fortune that offers a unique experience. This is the title with live dealer from the most successful and richer evolution in bonus games. There are a total of four which are named "Pachinko", "Cash Hunt", "Flip Coin" and "Crazy Time". This last bonus part bearing the name of the game is the most generous with a payment of 20,000 x the starting bet.

The ONLINE CASINO game wheel Crazy Time Casino includes 54 segments, 45 of which display multipliers and the remaining 9 others bear the names of the bonus games. The segments are distributed as follows: 21 blue in color which are associated with a 1x, 13 yellow color multiplier associated with a 2x, 7 pink color multiplier associated with a 5x, 4 -color multiplier associated with A 10x, 4 blue -colored multiplier associated with the Bonus Coin Flip game, 2 green color associated with the Bonus Cash Hunt game, 2 mauve color associated with the Bonus Pachinko game and 1 red color associated with the Bonus Crazy Time game.

The average redistribution percentage of Crazy Time Casino is 95.5%. In case you want to set up a Paris strategy, here is the return rate of each wheel segment:

As you can see, with its only segment, the Bonus game Crazy Time offers a more interesting redistribution rate than the Bonus Pachinko game which is associated with two segments. The casino player has the opportunity to bet strategically to increase his chances of winning.

How does a game take place on Crazy Time Casino?

The sessions of the Casino Games Crazy Time Casino have been broadcast from one of the Evolution studios. The latter proposed a breathtaking decor that immerses virtual casino players at the game of the games. In the heart of this bright studio and filled with frills, online casinos players can notice the central wheel that a presenter will be able to be both a man and a woman.

The interface of this internet casino game is well thought out and easy to use. At the bottom of your game screen were arranged the most important items to play. There is in particular the balance, the total betting amount, the tokens used to place bets and the different types of possible Paris. These correspond to what is displayed on the segments. In other words, there are 8 possible types of bets for players who wish to play casino game Crazy Time, namely on numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 respectively for the segments of 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x as well as on the four bonus games.

Each party on Crazy Time Start after all players have placed an bet. Regarding the conditions of bet, you will have a beach of a few seconds to drag one or more tokens on one of the boxes corresponding to the type (s) of Paris that you wish to perform on your casino. After this period, the host of the Casino site will trigger the rotation of the wheel.

If the latter stops on the number you have bet, you will see the corresponding multiplier being applied to your bet. If on the other hand, the wheel indicates a bonus game, you will simply be entitled to it. The icing on the cake, there is a mini-swelling above the central wheel which associates with each segment a random multiplier that can have a value of 50x.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

With its four innovative bonus games, the most liked of Crazy Time Casino online casino games is the most fun game ever designed. In addition to offering incredible pleasure, these bonus games are very generous.

Crazy Time Casino Live has among the best live casino games to have fun and make real money. This variety of Casino Games offers a lot of fun and is absolutely generous as evidenced by his jackpot of half a million euros.

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