Presentation of the game of casino deal or deal

DOAL OR NO DEAL is a live casino game Launched in May 2019 and inspired by the famous television game "to take or leave". Very followed between 2000 and 2010, apoal is itself inspired you tv show game American entitled Deal Or Deal. Today we invite you to explore the functioning of this game so popular with players. If you like what you read about this title with live dealer and want to play it, you can do it on online casinos listed below. These sites also offer other Live Casino games and slot machines that are generous in gains.

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The designer of the Game Deal Or Deal

Deal Or No Deal was designed and put on the market by the Evolution software development company (formerly called Evolution Gaming). This was created in 2006 in Riga in Latvia and won its first major contract in 2008. Consequently, the supplier chained performance on performance and now has, without great astonishment, among the best designers on the market with a Impressive and complete entertainment offer.

Now essential on the Igaming market, the Latvian giant specializes in the live game offer with unique live casino software allowing it to offer creations as innovative as they are lucrative.

Although the undisputed leader for this category of games, Evolution, far from resting on his laurels, continuously leaves beaten track. As proof, you have its masterpieces that are immersive roulette, Lightning Roulette, the Blackjack Party table and television games like Monopoly Live, Mega Ball, Crazy Time and Deal or No Deal In addition to this article.

DOAL OR NO DEAL: Overview of the game

This unique game of the Evolution designer who collaborated with the Endemol Shine production house of the APOAL television game is like no other live casino title. He comes to confirm the creative genius and the editor's expertise in Live Casino. Deal Or No Deal offers exceptional entertainment and the opportunity to make very interesting earnings, like the television game. Its jackpot is $ 50,000, which must be admitted, is a beautiful jackpot. The game is available 24/7. He is therefore the ideal companion for white nights. The distribution rate of deal gold No Deal is 95.42%, and the game authorizes an unlimited number of participants.

DOAL OR NO DEAL offers the same atmosphere as the television game, mixing suspense and unique live experience. The game is broadcast from a studio specially fitted out for this purpose. However, you will feel like you are in the diffusion room as the special effects and graphic quality are remarkable.

The rules of the game to play the good deal no deal live casino well

The designers wanted to offer a game reflecting the spirit of the television show as much as possible. Just like the latter, the goal of Deal or No Deal is to win the case containing the largest kitty. To get there, you have to go through a preselection phase and another recharging before accessing the game itself.

To pass the preselection phase, you must, within 2 minutes, succeed in aligning the golden segments so as to unlock a three-rings safe wheel.

Although not yet in the game proper, there is a bet to participate in this phase. You should know that these bets directly impact the value of the highest amount of one of the 16 briefs in the game. And depending on the level of difficulty chosen after your bet, the cost of each rounds will be higher or less.

In the recharging phase of the part of Deal or No Deal, you have to boost the amount of one or more of the briefcases.

To do this, it will be enough to click on the desired case, choose the amount of its bet then turn the wheel. As long as you have time, you can turn the wheel several times at this stage. The highest amount that will be in one of the briefcases is obtained by multiplying your starting bet by a multiplier varying between 75 and 500 times. Make way for the game itself!

At this level, the banker who is the host is assisted by a beautiful young lady who is responsible for opening the briefcases.

There will be a successive opening of several briefcases. With each opening, the banker will make an offer to the player who will have a few seconds to accept or refuse it using the "take" or "leave" buttons.

The game ends if the player opts for the banker's proposal.

If it declines it, however, the game will continue until there are only 2 briefcases left to open. At this final stage, the banker will still make a new offer to the player who will, this time 3 choices to make, namely "take the offer", "decline the offer" or "change the case". This last option is to exchange the chosen case at the start of the game with one of the two remaining briefcases.

Our opinion on Deal Or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal is a game truly rich in excitation. With the superb atmosphere created by the light games and the intriguing music that plays in the background, you can immerse without difficulty in the bath of each game and will play for long hours without seeing the time pass. DOAL OR NO DEAL is without context one of the best live casino creations. The only downside is its jackpot which is only $ 50,000. Indeed, we believe that the generosity of the game should live up to the high -flying experience it offers.

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