taour: one of the most followed online streamero casino

If you are a casino game fan, then you should go see Taour on Twitch. This is a Belge Casino Streamer specialized in popular casino games

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, Taour streams can certainly inspire you. This experienced casino player continues to attract fans on Twitch. Here is the essential to know about Taour or Taourrr1030.

who is taour?

The adventure of Taour Boukhari as a streamer started with League of Legends, a team strategy game developed by Riot Games. Taour managed to reach the Sub Top or the semi-professional level. He particularly shone with the character Rengar, the proud tracker. Since then, the community of enthusiasts of online games who follow him keep growing up.

In 2015, the Belgian streamer joined the American team E-Corp Gentle. He also played for other teams such as Brussels Guardians and Killers. But Taour had to make the choice between League of Legends and the Online casino games.

Finally, the Belgian player decided to stay in the world of Online casino. It must be said that he has a certain passion for slot machines. Currently, it is a Casino streamer that has strong notoriety.

taour and online casino games

Taour is a real enthusiast of Online casino games. In 2018, he signed an exclusive contract with the Bitcasino games establishment. This commitment allowed him to benefit from a number of advantages. Apart from the salary, there are the 3 bonuses with Wager accessible per week.

The Belgian streamer represented the Twitch games site For several weeks and he has already made several withdrawals. Following profitability problems, the contract with Bitcasino was broken.

Taour then decided to join the Cbet casino. But between him and the establishment, the relationship was not in good shape. More efficient and more experienced, Taour ended up coming to Stake to negotiate a new exclusive contract.

taour's biggis victories

Very active on the Twitch platform, Taour participates in several Online casino games In particular including the slot machines as well as the roulette and blackjack parts. He has won many victories.

Passionate of slots machines, the Belgian streamer is often visible on the games published by the legendary Pragmatic Play. He particularly loves playing the Sweet Bonanza slot machine. He also unveiled his know-how on the Play’n Go and Roman Legion Roman games from Gamomat. Test your luck too by playing Top Casinos.

Thanks to its rich experience and its incredible talent, Taour has produced several Big Win, which makes him a renamed Casino streamer the player won thousands of euros with blackjack hands and during roulette games. The Belgian streamer has also pocketed earnings of more than $ 12,000 with the famous title Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play.