Find out how to play and win at Keno

A very appreciated game of chance because of its simplicity and especially its important lucrative potential, Keno has won the hearts of many online Paris enthusiasts. It is sometimes confused with the bingo and is similar to the lottery. Although Keno is not a new entertainment option, very few casino players are however informed of the important gain opportunities it offers. If this is your case, then know that you are in the right place to find out more about the functioning of this money game and how is the Calcule gain canoe.

The history of Keno

Although in USA the first parts of Keno took place in the early 90s, the origins of the game date back much further. They are attributed to the Han dynasty (205 and 187 before Jesus Christ). The game would then have been brought to the United States around the 19th century by Chinese expatriates, which to represent the figures and determine the Calcule gain canoe used one of the Chinese classics, in this case that of a thousand characters.

This entertainment option then made its way around the world and landed in USA where it has become very popular, in particular by turning into Keno winning for life.

Keno winning for life: the star game in USA for all Keno enthusiasts

Keno was introduced in USA in September 1993 by La Française des Jeux (FDJ), and due to its simple operating principle, it was quick to be successful. The game consists in choosing a bet and then selecting between 2 and 10 numbers that must be tick on a ticket which contains 70 in total.

Behind this ticket are offered the Calcule gain canoe and the probabilities of victory. Keno winning for life is the new variant of this game of chance. It has been available in USA since February 24, 2013 and is somewhat different from the classic version. Indeed, the FDJ has added options that offer more interest to the game. Try the online casino.

Keno winning for life offers 3 grids with possibilities for putting $ 1, $ 2, $ 3, $ 5 and $ 10. It should be noted that the gains are proportional to the placement placed. After determining the amount you want to bet, you will have to choose the number of ticks on the grid.

As with the classic version, the minimum to check is 2 numbers while the maximum is 10 numbers. In this case too, if you check little numbers, the possible earnings that you will get will be small. And conversely, many checked numbers equivalent to greater gains.

The attraction of this Keno game is its jackpot that makes you a winner for life. And to have a chance to get it, you must necessarily check every 10 numbers and cross your fingers so that they are all drawn among the 20 numbers published by the FDJ after the draw. Keno winning for life also offers a “multiplier” option. When a multiplier X2, X3, X5 or X10 is drawn, its value is applied to gains, which can considerably boost your income.

and skeleton fdj vs and skeleton de Casino

If the Keno proposed by online casinos is played differently from that of the FDJ, the principle remains the same however. As a general rule, the titles of Keno de Casino online offer a single grid of 80 numbers, offering the player the possibility of choosing between 2 and 10. The choice of the number of numbers is important, as this determines how is the Calcule gain canoe.

You will have to look on the game's payment table (usually available on the user interface) to find out how many drawn numbers give payments. To give you a little idea of how it works, know that if you check the maximum number of numbers on the grid, namely 10, you can hope for a payment if a minimum of 5 numbers chosen are drawn.

How is a part of Keno to the casino?

To play Keno on an online casino, you must above all choose a game in the site's toy library and launch it. After loading the selected title, you will see a grid on your screen and below it will be the control keyboard panel. The first thing to do is to define your basic stake. You will then have to choose your numbers by clicking on the grid.

If you want to change your selection, you will have to use a button generally called "Undo" to delete a cochag or the "Clear" key to erase the whole grid. Once your numbers have been chosen, click "Play" to launch the ball draw. The checked numbers are highlighted on the grid, either in highlight or in a different color from that of other numbers.

Advantages of the Keno game from Casino

Some players have more interest in Keno offered by online casinos than that of the FDJ. And there are a number of reasons for this. First, with the online casino keno, the Calcule gain canoe And the results are instantaneous, and it is the same for payments. So no need to be waiting for any Calcule gain canoe Or a draw to find out if you have won or not. Second, on an online casino, you can play as many times as you wish, which is not the case with Keno FDJ.

Also, the chances of winning the jackpot at Keno online casino are higher. Indeed, with certain titles, it takes only 9 numbers (rather than 10 at the FDJ) to drop the kitty. Finally, unlike the FDJ Keno, it is possible to try your luck in Keno on online casinos thanks to a bonus or a promotion. This offers the possibility of playing longer and optimizing your chances of winning.

Some strategies to win at Keno

Keno is a game purely based on chance. This means that he gives pride of place to Lady Chance. In this context, we cannot therefore speak of winning strategies, but rather tips and advice to apply so as not to lose your money banal.

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