Lightning Blackjack: Test and opinion of the Gaming Evolution Game

Evolution, the Riga online casino software supplier, which has several successful games within its toy library is once again under the spotlight with a recently launched title: lightning Blackjack. Have you ever gotten this outing, but you don't know the game? Or have you just been informed by this article of the availability of this nugget? In short, whatever the case in which you are, know that you are right in the right place to discover the game in an unprecedented way and learn more about its operation and its particularities.

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what is the lightning blackjack?

Part of the Lightning series launched by Evolution Gaming in 2018, the lightning Blackjack is an online casino game. Here are some details that concern him.

a live Blackjack game

The casino game lightning Blackjack, the publisher has done a very good job. Indeed, it allows you to play against a dealer in the flesh when it is a virtual game. Evolution Gaming has also created innovative software and he hit hard in terms of design.

In order to optimize the pleasure of the players and make the games more realistic, the game takes place in a magnificent setting, worthy of a real casino in Las Vegas. The visual and sound effects are well chosen to add suspense and drama to the game. A beautiful atmosphere will therefore be there.

It should be noted that the Lancement Official you Lightning Blackjack took place on November 17, 2021. In other words, this is a brand new game, the latest from the Lightning series by Evolution Gaming.

the game mode

If you've already played classic blackjack, you will have to quickly control the lightning Blackjack. There are no major differences in the rules of the game. It is played with 8 games of 52 cards and the game will always be animated by a dealer. The numbered cards keep their value, the logs of 10 and the figures are worth 10. As for the AS, the card can be worth 1 or 11, depending on the total point of the player.

The only way to win the victory is to beat the dealer. That said, the Lightning Blackjack has some particularities. First, it is played out on one of the evolutionary Evolution tables, which means that a round can bring together an unlimited number of players. Another one Particularity of the Lightning Blackjack, that he's Offers several multipliers who could boost the amount of your earnings.

The rate of redistribution or RTP is 99.56% and the number of decks is 8. Regarding winning reports, the initial bet will be paid at 3: 2 for a natural blackjack, 1: 1 for a gain Classic and 2: 1 for insurance.

Lightning Blackjack games

Decide to Play the Lightning Blackjack ? Find out what to do and the conditions to be fulfilled to take advantage of multipliers.

the characteristics of the game

During a partie de lightning Blackjack, it is compulsory to place a "flash costs", in an amount equal to that of the initial bet. For example, if you have launched a 10 $ bet, you must also pay a "flash expenses" of 10 euros. You can consider it as a parallel bet that you could win or lose.

When the bets are closed, Lightning multipliers will appear. For information, there are 6 of them: X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X8, X12 and X25. In other words, a player can win a gain of up to 25 times from his initial bet if he is lucky enough to beat the dealer.

The multipliers will be assigned to randomly on winning scores, namely 17 or less, 18, 19, 20, 21 and Blackjack. So, if you have played a hand and you have managed to beat the dealer, your initial bet will be paid at 1: 1 or 3: 2. But that's not all, you will also multiply your gain by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 or 25. It depends on the multiplier in play.

acCess to the beautiful kitty

Obviously, to touch the jackpot, you need an active multiplier. In general, it is impossible to activate it immediately. It will be necessary to wait for the next round to be able to benefit from the advantages provided by the Booster. Attention ! If you lose, you will also lose the initial bet, the "flash fresh", as well as the multiplier.

It is important to emphasize that when you pick up a multiplier, nothing forces you to use it immediately at the next hand. Indeed, you have up to 180 days to activate it. It is even advisable to choose the right time to use it if you plan to pocket an important gain.

Au jeu online casino lightning Blackjack, when a player decides to divide or double a hand, it is not necessary to pay an additional "flash expenses". In the event of a sharing, the multiplier will be assigned the strongest hand.

Lightning Blackjack rules

What are the rules in force during a partie de lightning Blackjack ? As mentioned above, they are similar to those applied during classic blackjack. That said, there are some exceptions.

As a reminder, it is played on 8 games of 52 cards and the distribution will be manually. There is no side bets, apart from the flash. Regarding the action of the dealer, he must stop when the value of his hand is equal to 17. This rule applies that the bank benefits from a soft or rigid hand.

During a partie de lightning Blackjack, the double down is also possible on the first two cards. It is also allowed to share the pairs. On the other hand, if you decide to divide an AS pair, you will only be entitled to one draw for each new hand formed.

play the Lightning Blackjack

How to play lightning Black jack ? If you are a novice in terms of online blackjack, you must take the time to learn the game. It is important to know the basic rules. This can optimize your chance to make money. On the other hand, if you are an experienced player, you just have to follow the following guide to play Lightning Blackjack.

how to bet at the lightning blackjack?

At Lightning Blackjack, the game begins with the launch of betting. Once the bets are placed, they remain open for 15 seconds. If you want to modify them, you will have to act quickly. The bets are between 1 euro and 10,000 euros per hand.

The choice is to be made according to the amount of money you are willing to lose. It is important to remember that it is a game of chance. There are as much risk of winning as to lose.

How to make the bet? You must select the value of the room that suits you. Then click on the betting circle that is on the game interface to launch your initial bet.

What about payment of flash costs? In general, it is automatically deducted from your account and as mentioned above, its amount is equal to that of the initial bet.

The total bet paid by a player is therefore formed by the initial bet and the "flash fresh". When the time of bets is finished, multipliers are allocated randomly.

part of the game

It is the dealer who announces the start of the game during a game lightning Black jack. He will then distribute the first two cards to the players. Then he attributes two cards, the second of which is hidden. What actions are authorized on the game table?

If the croupier's visible card is an ace, players can take out insurance. The bank will then check the other card and if it gets a blackjack, the round ends and a new lap begins. Players who take insurance will be paid 2: 1. On the other hand, they will lose active multipliers as well as Lightning costs.

If the croupier's visible card is not an ace, you have the choice between shooting another card, stop the draw, double the bet and take a new card or create two hands with a split. If you decide to divide a pair in both hands, you will have to pour an additional bet.

It should be mentioned that the Lightning Blackjack is a game Rather dynamic. The bet time is limited, as well as the period dedicated to decision -making is limited. If you do not choose the action to do within the legal time, the game will choose it for you automatically.

Thus, if the value of your hand is less than 11, you will be forced to draw a card. On the other hand, if the total point is greater than 12, you will have to stop.

the result of the game

At the end of the game, if the value of your hand is equal to that of the dealer, your initial bet will be given to you in the form of a push. On the other hand, you will lose Lightning costs and any multiplier.

If the dealer wins the victory, you will lose everything, including your initial bet. If you have the best hand, the main bet will be paid equally, unless you have had a natural blackjack or if there is an activated multiplier.


If you have won a tour de lightning Black jack, it's because you won a multiplier to postpone on the next round. What you need to understand is that the booster remains inactive until you place a bet on the game table.

It is just as important to emphasize that the multiplier will be paid on the value of the placement placed during the previous part. So, if you are going to participate in a new round and decide to increase the amount of your initial bet, the value of the multiplier does not increase.

When you have launched an bet, the value of the multiplier assigned to this hand will be displayed. As a reminder, the flash costs will also be taken from the bet. In the event of a victory, you will be entitled to another multiplier who will be postponed to the next hand.

how to win at the lightning blackjack?

Pour gagner au Lightning Blackjack, obviously you have to have a winning strategy. Otherwise, you will not be entitled to a beautiful kitty. You could even lose the invested amount. Find out what to do.

a brief reminder of the functioning of betting

The flash costs has a significant impact on the bets launched during a part of lightning Blackjack. It should be remembered that it is equal to the value of the initial bet. Find out what happens to payments at the end of the game.

For example, you have bet $ 5, which means that the flash costs also amounts to $ 5. The total amount of the bet is therefore $ 10. Three situations can occur at the end of the round.

First, the dealer and the player have the same hand value. The main bet will therefore be returned to the player. On the other hand, the flash fresh is lost. The player therefore had to face a loss of $ 5.

The second situation is the victory of the dealer. The player would then have lost $ 10. Finally, the game can also end with the player's victory. The main bet will then be paid at the multiplier rate in force. The player can collect between 10 and 125 euros. In other words, it could make a profit from 0 to 115 euros. If you want to make a profit, then you will have to benefit from a 4x multiplier at least.

the ruThe to be respected

Above all, there is one thing to keep in mind. The basic strategy does not work during a online part of lightning Blackjack, because you have to play two hands to be able to take advantage of the multipliers.

There are also other actions that are not worth it. For example, it is not recommended to increase the bet at the next tower since it is the previous flash expenses that will be taken into account. Thus, there is no advantage in taking advantage of it. In addition, in case of loss, you will also lose your bankroll.

It is equally prohibited to reduce the amount of the bet, as this penalizes you. Indeed, you will not get the full value of the multiplier. In short, modifying the amount of the bet is not necessary. The goal during a Lightning Blackjack game is to get an important multiplier.

the evolution strategy

There is no miracle solution, but there are tips and techniques that increase the chance to win. Evolution Gaming published a Strategy that applies well to Lightning Blackjack. But at first glance, it is complex.

According to information on the Evolution Strategy page, applied multipliers can be different for each round. In addition, there is a strategy that suits each game. Evolution also reveals that the player has the privilege of choosing multipliers. The table changes in a very dynamic way while you make your choice.

The problem is that there is no guarantee on how the strategy works. In addition, the bet time is too short, because it only lasts a few seconds. Thus, it takes speed to be able to launch the bets on the tables with advantageous multipliers. The creation of an application that could automate the operation is necessary. Anyway, this strategy proposed by Evolution could allow you to play several hands.

If you tempt you, click on the multiplier range to access the evolution strategy page. Then choose the multiplier set for your game. When the table opens, choose the multiplier adapted to your hand again.

a turn on the differences between the Lightning Blackjack and the quantum blackjack

Just like the quantum blackjack, the Lightning Blackjack online game offers multipliers. Thus, many players tend to confuse them. However, these are two very different games.

At the Quantum Blackjack, there is no additional cost to pay and after each round, the decks are mixed. Another advantage of this game is that it allows you to win up to 1,000 times your bet. Finally, the “side bets” are authorized and the redistribution rate is 99.47%.

At Lightning Blackjack, you have to pay the famous "flash fresh". The maximum multiplier is limited to 25 times. In addition, you have to win two consecutive hands to activate it and hope to touch the jackpot. What is interesting is that the player has 180 days to activate the multiplier. The RTP rate is 99.56%.

a turn on the differences between the Lightning Blackjack and the quantum blackjack

In reality, it all depends on the multiplier applied. If the booster is low, the yield remains also low. On the other hand, if you have the privilege of winning a better multiplier, that is to say more than 5x, you can expect an important profit.

Obviously, the Lightning Black Jack online game You will also make you live a great experience. For the most daring players, it is an alternative to classic blackjack. He could make you win a jackpot or ruin you. It depends on your luck and your ability to master the optimal evolution strategy.

What to remember from Lightning Black Jack and where to enjoy it?

Released only a few days ago, Lightning Blackjack is already stealing the show at all blackjack games with live croupiers. And for good reason: it's currently One of the most generous table games that is. If you want to join the list of people who are already playing and get their pockets with this Live Casino table game, know that it is currently available on all online casinos powered by its designer Evolution Gaming. Play at Cbet casino.

One of those on which we recommend playing for real money due to its seriousness and its reputation is the Lucky 8 platform. This casino, which is no longer to be presented, will allow you to make rapid withdrawals, and in addition to its premium games, it offers a premium customer assistance service.

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