casino lightning dice: dice game that is played live

To have fun, many people choose to go to an online game site. These kinds of platforms indeed offer several entertaining activities to name only slot machines, roulette or blackjack. It is possible to play free of charge or in real money mode. In search of a simple, entertaining and exciting game?

You have to test the lightning dice. Easy to play, it is available from many online casinos. This game also has attractive features, which optimizes your pleasure during the game. Find out what it is.

what is it about ?

The Lightning Dice is a game that has many attractions, which explains its growing popularity. Despite its simplicity, it allows you to win a beautiful kitty.

The game was created in June 2019 and it is a work by the famous online game provider Evolution Game. With global renown, the latter has been operational since 2006. He has already launched on the market several live casino games including in particular the games of poker, roulette and baccara line as well as television games such as Monopoly Live and Deal.

The Lightning Dice is among the best Evolution Gaming works. This is a game of dice played live. In other words, players will be able to see a facilitator or a dealer on the screen during the game. He will interact with them and also takes care of activating the lever to launch the dice.

the characteristics of the lightning dice game

Like all games developed by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Dice is distinguished in terms of quality. The tray benefits from a sublime art deco style decor, there is something to optimize the pleasure of the participants. It takes you on a large bright room.

The players will find Besides on the screen Everything you need to bet in all serenity. For example, there is the results table or the bet zone comprising the different orders.

It should be noted that Lightning Dice is now present in most online casinos. To play this game, simply go to a game platform of your choice and register.

The software is also Compatible with all mobile devices and computers. Finally, you should know that the host or presenter can be a man or a woman. It can be talkative, but it will not risk diverting you from the game.

the operating principle of the lightning dice

In reality, he This is a dice game of exemplary ease. Easy to understand, it is suitable for all players looking to have fun while earning money.

how to play the game?

During a game of Lightning Dice, the host will launch three ordinary dice each with 6 faces In a labyrinth called Lightning Tour or "Lightning Tower". At the end of their mad race, they will display three figures.

The role of the player in a game of Lightning Dice is to guess the sum of the three dice. In general, there are 16 possible results ranging from 3 to 18. For example, if at the stop, the three dice display faces 3, 4 and 5, the value of the draw is equal to 12. This is the winning number.

But before starting the game, the player must place his bet. The value of the oscillating Between 1 $ and 2,000 $. When the bet is finished, the host presses the lever to launch the Lightning process begins.

It should be noted that each issue is associated with a basic multiplier that will from x 5 to x 150. The three dice arrives at the same time and the final amount is clearly displayed on the screen, as is the gains acquired by the player.

the features of the lightning dice game

Evolution Gaming is well known for its expertise in the creation of casino games. With the lightning dice, the publisher wanted to give an appearance that is both playful and exciting with the dice game. This is why, some attractive features have been added.

You must first cite the function "bet on all". It is an option for the most daring players. It allows them to bet on 16 possible results at the same time.

We must also cite Lightning multipliers or added multipliers that allow the amount of earnings to increase. They are random, which means that they do not apply all numbers. Anyway, the lucky ones will be able to take advantage of these multipliers who can considerably increase the amount of gains obtained.

Finally, we must not forget that the Lightning Dice, as a live game, also benefits from a cat function. It allows players to interact with each other and chat with the presenter.

the amount of the Gain

In the Lightning Tower, the wrath will strike. Each thunderbolt can generate an increase in the multiplier. This could go up to X 1000. In other words, participants in the Lightning Dice will be able to win a sum equivalent to x 1000 of the initial bet.

what about withdrawal?

At the end of the game, you will find out if you have opted for the winning number. If so, you will be entitled to a gain. It will obviously be transferred to your player account. The conditions of payment and withdrawal depend on the online casino chosen.

tips to win at the lightning dice game

The dice game, which is the case with lightning dice, there remains a game of luck. It is impossible to guess with precision the total value of the dice at the stop. However, there are always various tips that could improve your luck during the game. Discover which ones.

test the game with the welcome Bonus

Evolution Gaming is well known for its expertise in the creation of casino games. With the lightning dice, the publisher wanted to give an appearance that is both playful and exciting with the dice game. This is why, some attractive features have been added.

Unfortunately, this game of Evolution Gaming does not exist in demo mode. In other words, it is impossible to test it in free mode. To familiarize yourself with the game, the solution is therefore to use the welcome bonus. Even in the event of a losing game, you can keep your bankroll.

make the most likely results

As mentioned above, players at Lightning Dice can bet on a number between 3 and 18. However, you must bet on a value likely to appear in order to secure your bet. We then speak of a low -risk strategy. Among the numbers that could appear at the end of the game, there are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

missing on 3 or 18

This is another strategy often applied by players during a game of Lightning Dice. The luck that the number 3 or 18 appears remains weak. That said, when it happens, the player can pocket a huge gain since its bet will be multiplied by 150. When the die is affected by lightning, the profit will be even more important.

make on a voThetile strategy

This is a solution that is mainly suitable for daring players who like to take risks. If you have a weak bankroll, it is better to avoid it. The principle is to bet on numbers that guarantee the most high like 3, 4, 17 and 18. A player who has chosen to bet a large sum of money on one of these values will win a jackpot in the event of a victory.

the advantages of the lightning dice game

Like most games developed by Evolution Gaming, lightning dice Embarks a large number of assets. It must be said that the developer benefits from a rich experience and great creativity, which allows him to create an authentic game, meeting the expectations of all subscribers of online casinos.

The first asset of the game is its ease. It’s the easiest online casino game. Players will have nothing to do with a bet on the winning number. With luck, they will be able to take a high kitty.

This casino game is also distinguished by the quality of its interface. This has been designed to optimize the pleasure of game participants. It is necessary to include on the list of its many advantages the fact that it has interesting features as "bet on all" as well as "Lightning multipliers". They allow an increase in the amount of gain which can go up to X 1,000 of the initial bet.

In addition to all of this, the Lightning Dyce does not have complex rules. It also promises a pleasant moment to all players since it is a live game. Finally, we must not forget that the rate of Redistribution of Lightning Dice is 96.21 %. It is therefore high, which guarantees a good return on investment.