Explanation of the operation of the Lightning Roulette

The Lightning Roulette is one of the online casino games that hide in pole position of favorite entertainment options for gaming enthusiasts. This is an absolutely worthy creation that has been designed by master by the Evolution software supplier (formerly Evolution Gaming). This title really has everything to seduce, and you will realize it through the reading of this review which reveals the essentials to know about its gameplay. In case you want to play it for real money, we have referenced for you in the table below the best online casinos offering the lightning roulette. You can entertain yourself on these sites safely and without fear in terms of the withdrawal of your earnings.

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The Lightning Roulette game in short

After the presentation of the lightning roulette At the ICE of February 2018, many people were getting impatient to be able to play it at any casino games. When it comes out, this masterpiece of the designer Evolution therefore caused significant traffic on the online casinos sites which had it in their toy library. One of the reasons for the lively success encountered by this virtual casino table game is the fact that it is an interesting mix between live casino and electronic European roulette. It is therefore a revolutionary entertainment option that offers unique game experience to online casino players.

Be reassured, the lightning roulette is not a live roulette game with the most complicated operation. On the contrary! This casino roulette game is very simple to play, and you will probably master its gameplay in only a few cylinder laps. What distinguishes her from other roulette games with live degrewer is her lightning functionality that gives the possibility of winning considerable gains. To give you a little idea of the lucrative potential of this Online Casino game, know that with a modest bet of $ 10, you can collect a large payment of $ 5,000 on a casino site.

Description of the Lightning Roulette and explanation of its operation

As usual, Evolution released the big game to create a unique atmosphere in the studio from which the sessions of the lightning roulette. You will indeed be entitled to a room beautifully decorated in a black and gold art deco style that comes out completely in the ordinary. The animators of the Lightning Roulette sessions also put on a baroque uniform which distinguish them from any other roller -roller tab

Now let's take a look at the game interface. This is intuitive and offers an ideal grip. On its lower part, you will notice 3 boxes. The one on the far left allows you to chat with other players and also displays the balance, the total placement placed and the special numbers at the end of the famous specialism of lightning feature

Also at the bottom of the interface is in the center a window that displays a virtual roulette game table which is numbered from 0 to 36, the Paris range of the game and a button to double its bet. Note that the range of proposed bets varies according to the casino. But the minimum bet to play the roulette Lightning is generally 20 cents of euros. As for the types of bets that you can perform on the Lightning Roulette by deciding to play in real money, they are the same as those available on a classic casinos game, namely the bet on a full number, the Bet on horseback, the transversal, the square, the dozen, the sixain, the column, the simple chances, etc.

Sessions on la Lightning Roulette Throughout an online casino start with a first step which only lasts a few seconds. During this one, you will quickly have to make a decision concerning the bet you want to place. After the bets were made, the dealer will take care of shooting on a handle to cause lightning (lightning) which triggers the random selection of 1 to 5 numbers which are called chances chances. These are associated with multiplicators of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x.

It is important to emphasize that you can only benefit from functionality and therefore benefit from multipliers by placing bets on full numbers. If the small white ball launched in the cylinder stops on a number on which you bet and it corresponds to one of the numbers chosen after lighting, you will see your bet is multiplied by the multiplier associated with the number luck in question.

Lightning Roulette payments

When your bet on a full number does not correspond to any chance, you receive in this case a gain according to the classic payment reports of a roulette table. However, a winning bet on a full number will not pay 36 against 1, but rather 30 against 1. All other types of bets keep the payment reports generally applied on the roulette tables.

Benefits of the Lightning Roulette

Apart from boosting players' earnings thanks to the multiplers of its superb special functionality, the Lightning Roulette offers online game site followers a few other reasons to play it. We can cite among others

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