the black list of online casinos

Admittedly, the online game market is now governed by law and there is an authority that ensures control of game sites and protection of players. However, this was not enough to dissuade dishonest operators from carrying out their plans.

Many unreliable game establishments are still available on the web. They attract players with their attractive offers, including major bonuses and advantageous withdrawal conditions. In order not to fall into their trap, the only solution is to identify them and avoid them. How to do ? Here are some data that could be useful to you as well as the Black list of online casinos. Read the review Casinozer.

What are the blacklisted online casinos?

The online casinos mentioned below are indeed on the blacklist,, for many reasons. Some of them use for example rigged game software while others refuse to pay the players in the event of a gain. In any case, they are to be avoided.

Winner casino

Ce Online casino Guarantees a 200% welcome bonus to its players. He also promises them a wide choice of games. The problem is thatIt does not allow its customers to enjoy their earnings. Indeed, most of the large winners saw their prize pools disappear. When they the customer service of the online casino, they do not get the hopeful help. The platform team flees any responsibility and it can even act with aggressiveness.

Casinos of the AffPower group

The AFFROWER group aims to promote various online casinos. Having seen the light of day in 2011, it brings together several game establishments having benefited from approval from the Games regulatory authority in Malta. It is necessary to quote, among others,, Oceanbets-com and At first glance, these operators act legally. However, they are at the center of several scandals. They are accused of using NEZ Pirated software and they do not offer any guarantee concerning the transaction security.

21Grand Casino
This is an online game site that offers games developed by the supplier Rival Powered. UL benefits from a game license issued by Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA). Why is it classified on the Black list of online casinos ? According to the complaints of many players, This online game site applies abusive conditions for bonuses. In addition, he also refuses to pay customers in the event of a gain.
Initially, Bingomania was among the reliable online gaming sites. But for some time now, he has accumulated bad reputations. Many players accuse him not to honor withdrawal requests . The site assistance service is also deemed to be incompetent. He leaves customers who ask for help.
casinos of the maltese curgam group

This group brings together several game establishments including Slot Nuts, Slotsinferno, Ral Begas Onlinca, Mighty Slots and Planty Jackpots. Most of them seduce players with incomparable bonuses. However, new registrants cannot even take advantage of it. Indeed, they are not simply paid. These online casinos are also renowned for their lack of business ethics and their rather doubtful way of acting. They refuse to pay them players And they flood the email boxes of the latter by spam.

Balzac Casino
Many players have had bad experiences by addressing this online casino. Balzac Casino, for example, promised them huge jackpots. But when the big winner demands his gain, The establishment simply refuses to pay. It is also a online games site to flee at all costs.
les casinos of total e. soft
Total E. Soft is a company that offers players several game operators. This is the case of, Pharaohs Casino, Flenix Onlince Casino, 777kazino and Casino Smeraldo. According to the players, these online casinos are managed by unreliable operators who lack professionalism. On the list of misadventures known by the players of these establishments, there is unpaid gains and poor quality customer service. In addition, they cannot satisfy players in terms of diversity and quality of the games offered.
Created in 2012, 7kasino is managed by a group with a preponderant place in the online game market. This is the publisher Parlay Games, renowned for the creation of bingo games. Benefiting from a Curaçao license, the establishment promises its customers new games and a variety of advantages. But apparently, all of this is just a facade. Indeed, according to the players, the customer service of the online games site work to convince their customers not to proceed to withdraw. He even happens to utter threats or use all kinds of tricks to achieve this goal.
Lady Dream Casino

With its brilliant and impeccable interface, this online casino won many game lovers. It is a game establishment belonging to the Wager 21 group that already has a bad reputation on the market. It offers new fake free games, which facilitates access to victory. But when the players decide to create an account and play in real mode at Lady Dream, the situation is quite different. As they hope to win gains, they are onlyaccumulate losses.

Planet Kings
It's a Online casino Who won the worst title of the year in 2013. After taking over the Rey8 Casino platform, he simply ignored his subscribers. Their accounts, like their earnings, disappeared with the Rey8 Casino site. Any complaint has been ignored.
VIP Golden Club

We must not be seduced by name and promises. This online game site deserves its place on the Black list of online casinos. According the complaints of many players, He offers rigged and stolen games. In other words, it is simply a dishonest game establishment to avoid at all costs.

Casino Nogabet
Being part of the casinos held by the Rival Gaming group, the Casino Nogabet has a good bad reputation. Among the promises of the platform is the rapid payment of players in the event of a gain. The online casino guarantees processing of withdrawal requests in less than 24 hours. However, the complaints of many players, No payment has not been done. In addition, customer service is simply unreachable.
casino royal club game sites
This is a group bringing together several online gaming sites including Winbig 21 Casino, Crazy Luck Casino, Adam Eve Casino, Grand Wild Casino and Casino Royal Club. All these platforms offer interesting games. But when you get the beautiful kitty, they show their true face. Several players complained about the complaints of many players, not to have conceded their earnings while others speak of payment delays. The Winbig21 casino is the one that has the worst reputation. is among the most popular online casinos. His offers have attracted lovers of online gambling. But in recent times, several players have reported that the virtual casino is unreliable. It is accused of not paying the gains and it is impossible to your customer service.
Carnival Casino

With its wonderful bonuses and varied games, this online casino has indeed appealed to fans of games of chance. But the latter may invest a fortune in games in real mode, they have never been entitled to these advantages.

why does a casino appear on the black list?

If an operator appears on the Black list of online casinos, It is not by chance. He is undoubtedly mixed with shady cases or he had doubtful behaviors. Here are some reasons that could explain the presence of a game site on the famous black list.

the game site does not pay pTheyers

Impossible to collect the gains, this is one of the problems most encountered by players in online casinos. To seduce customers, game operators use as an argument to win beautiful prize pools. But when a player wins the famous jackpot, the payment never takes place.

Online casinos use all possible techniques so as not to pay their DUS. Some of them try to extend the processing time for the withdrawal request to the maximum. Their goal is to delay payment, hoping that the player has lost a large part of his balance at the games. Other game establishments are focusing on the radical solution. It is a question of closing the account of the player who claims his gain. The victim may try, but he cannot reach customer service.

The online casino requires abusive conditions for bonuses

When a player chooses an online casino, he takes into account several criteria. The quality of the bonuses offered is one of them. This is why, online casinos make players shim away with their mind -blowing bonuses. It should be noted that access to these advantages is conditioned. Thus, dishonest operators tend to apply abusive conditions.

For example, they demand the placement of Several bets before unlocking the bonuses. In the end, players get no advantage. Thus, before creating an account with an online game site, it is strongly advised to find out about the conditions related to bonuses and withdrawals.

Casino customer service is incompetent

An online casino can also appear on the blacklist when it has a Mediocre customer service. By deciding to invest money in online games, players hope to benefit from better assistance. But when they meet concerns about the deposit, withdrawal or access to the bonus, for example, they find it difficult to get help.

This is a sign of bad faith and a lack of transparency. Admittedly, players do not expect customer service to be reachable 24/7. But at least, the casino should set up a strategy that facilitates . In the event of a complaint, customer service must try to provide an adequate response within the best possible time. This is the least of things since it is about money.

The casino cooperates with spammers

Indeed, some online casinos do not hesitate to sell information about their players. The latter are surprised to see their spam flooded mailboxes. If this happens, know that you are dealing with a unreliable games. You must therefore take the necessary measures to protect you.

Some online casinos are even linked to criminals. The risk that your personal data fall into the hands of these exists. You will then be the victim of Piracy of bank accounts or other forms of fraudulent maneuvers. It is obvious that these online casinos must be blacklisted. But we still have to identify them!

the casino has questionable practices

At some online casinos, players never have any chance of gains. Just because they have the bad luck. In reality, game establishments use fake software. Thus, the chance that a player wins a gain or a jackpot is very reduced. Obviously, these establishments must appear on the black list. No player deserves this kind of scam.

the casino has questionable practices

This is another reason that could explain the presence of a Online casino on the black list. The game license is delivered by Curaçao. To obtain it, it will be necessary to fulfill different criteria. Having a license is a guarantee of reliability. An online casino that does not benefit from approval is therefore considered unreliable.

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