Monopoly Live: The game that makes all casino players dream

Praised by many casino game enthusiasts, Monopoly Live is a title that is no longer presented. If however we have decided to devote an entire article to him, in this case this one, it is because it is clear that a lot of people still remain in ignorance with regard to the quality of entertainment and The important gains that this game offers. The game of Casino Online Monopoly Live was unveiled for the very first time in February 2019, and it was immediately unanimous. We tell you more about it in the next lines. If after reading this review, you want to try your luck on this live casino game, opt without hesitation for one of the following online casinos that have been tested and approved by experts.

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The Monopoly Live game in short

You probably already know, the Monopoly Live Casino is a game signed Evolution Gaming accessible on a casino site. This developer recognized to launch only masterpieces on the market proves once again with this title that he has not usurped his reputation. The sessions offered on Monopoly Live Casino are therefore broadcast live from one of the brand's studios. The Monopoly Live is an improved version of the very famous Virtual Dream Catcher Casino game which, too, carries the trademark of the designer Evolution.

If you have already had the opportunity to play casino at the famous Dream Catcher, no need to tell you that on Monopoly Live, there will also be a question of turning a wheel of fortune to earn money. However, Monopoly Live stands out with a remarkable touch of originality with regard to his gameplay. To be honest, this game of online casinos is a clever mix between two different playful spheres.

Indeed, the Monopoly Live will embark the followers of Casino Games in the exciting universe of the infinitely popular single -school board of the American giant Hasbro. The latter also has as much as the developer Evolution the merit of the design of Monopoly Live. With two behemoths in control of a game of internet casino, you know: entertainment is necessarily there.

Description of the course of a game on the Monopoly Live game

It is impossible to talk about the assets of Monopoly Live Without highlighting the very good graphic quality and flow offered by the game. You risk being obsessed with the sessions which are disseminated in high definition as well as by the wonderful game Casino Bonus which is in 3D. The bonus game takes place in a very rich and extremely beauty universe, but before you find it, you must first start your session in a room that is no less worthy of interest.

In the room is a dealer who generally positions himself on the right side of the player's screen, and in contrast to the latter stands sometimes or sometimes sitting on a sofa reading his newspaper M. Monopoly, the star of the famous board game. We are still wondering how Evolution could have associated a fictitious character and a real character who manage to complement himself perfectly to animate the sessions.

Between the Croupier and Mr. Monopoly is placed the famous wheel of fortune. Each animator having a very specific role, it is the dealer who has the responsibility to activate the wheel. But before he did it, the casino player must put his time in a timely time. This period being only a few seconds, you must have a very precise idea of the amount you want to bet before launching the game.

Note that you have the possibility of betting between 10 cents of euros and $ 1,000 per turn on this game of virtual casinos. As soon as you have placed your bet and the time allocated, the dealer will launch the rotation of the wheel which includes 52 segments. These bear mentions 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls and luck to indicate the six possible prediction options. When the wheel needle indicates one of the numbers and it corresponds to your choice, you are gratified by a gain equivalent to your multiplied bet by the figure on which the wheel has stopped.

On the other hand, if the wheel stops on a "lucky" segment, Mr. Monopoly draws for you a card that could correspond to a cash gain or a gain multiplier. The gain multiplier only comes into force in the next round, you have a chance to receive for the rotation to follow a fairly attractive payment, if your prediction is obviously.

The other possible cases are the possibilities that the wheel could stop either on 2 rolls or on 4 rolls. In both cases, you will trigger the bonus part, and Mr. Monopoly will be your precursor in the picturesque and exciting universe of his board game.

The bonus game takes place like a game on the board game Monopoly. The boxes of the Monopoly Live course are therefore also properties, airports, public services, free parking, railways, taxes, a prison, a community fund, etc., and they are here associated with multipliers going up to 2,000x. Mr. Monopoly will advance on the course according to the result of each dice throw, and the number of throws to which you will be entitled is determined by the number of Rolls having previously been obtained at the end of the wheel. 2 Rolls correspond to two dice throws and 4 rolls give the right to four throws.

FAQ sur le Monopoly Live

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