The probabilities to know to win the blackjack

Blackjack is now among the most popular casino games. Know each Blackjack probability will allow you to play this card game as a real pro. If that's what you want, you have hit the right door! On the casinos listed below, you can put into practice everything you are about to discover about Blackjack probabilities. These sites are perfect for playing because they offer the best blackjack tables that can be found on the market.

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What to understand about blackjack probabilities

The Blackjack probabilities Do not work in the same way as those of other casino games. To roulette for example, the probabilities are fixed, regardless of the number of rotations already carried out by the cylinder. In Blackjack, this is absolutely not the case since the result of each round depends on the previous one.

For example, if an ace has been fired during a round, that will mean that there is now one as in the card game. Therefore, the chances of possibly obtaining another AS in a next game phase systematically decrease.

Some interesting probabilities to know to optimize your chances of winning

With regard to Blackjack probabilities, there are different types according to the various aspects of a part that is in particular the hand of the dealer, the number of card games, the game decisions of the dealer and those of the player or the rules used.

The player's probabilities to burn

Depending on the value of your hand, there are several probabilities to exceed 21 if you make the decision to draw a new card. The probabilities evolve decrees that the value of your hand decreases. With a hand worth 21 points, you are aware that it is out of the question to shoot. In this case, we are therefore a 100% probability of burning by shooting. Here are all the black jack probabilities to burn according to the value of your hand:

The dealer's probabilities to burn

Knowing that the dealer must continually draw a new card until you get a hand totaling 17 or more points, the player has the advantage of being able to adapt his game according to the first card that the dealer could draw. Here are the different probabilities linked to any card that would be the first of the dealer:

You will probably have noticed: the dealer is likely to jump (exceed 21) when the first card he receives is a 5.

The probabilities of a log prints

In a game of 52 cards, there are 16 which are logs, that is to say which are value "10". This means that a third of the cards are logs, which is equivalent to a 1/3.25 ratio that can be interpreted more simply as follows: there is a log with each 3 cards drawn. This Blackjack probability will allow you to make judicious decisions, especially when you notice that no value card "10" has been released for a while.

Strategies increasing your blackjack probability of losing

Generally, new Black Jack players apply certain strategies that they actually think they are winning strategies. These are:

As a reminder, already with a hand totaling 12 points, the blackjack probability of burning is 31%. Although the action "to remain" (stand in English) may seem the most wise thing to do, it is not always judicious. Indeed, it is a mistake not to take the risk of shooting and staying on such a hand since in doing so, you give the casino an advantage of 3.91%.

Impact on the probabilities of gain with the withdrawal of certain cards

As a game progressed, the absence of certain cards can negatively or positively affect the player's blackjack probability of winning. Here are the impacts according to the absent cards:

Please note that these Blackjack probabilities were established by considering a single card of card. As you can see, withdrawing all the cards 5 from the game has the biggest positive impact on the player's chances of winning while the withdrawal of all AS has the biggest negative impact on the player's chances of winning, and that Advantage of this fact the casino.

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