Roulette rule: all about roulette

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Roulette Principles

Roulette is a game of chance that consists in making money by focusing on one or more numbers. The game is done on a roulette table. This consists of a cylinder on which a ball moves, launched by the dealer and a wheelchair on which the players place their bets.

The roulette carpet is made up of 37 numbers. The numbers of 1 to 36 are classified by dozen on the columns. The zero number is at the width of the columns. On the bottom of the carpet is "the simple chances". They are made up of bets on red, black, peer, odd, lack and pass. At the top of these simple chances are dozens (the 1time, 2nde and 3rd).

The Roulette rule consists in guessing which box will stop the ball is immobilized. Each player has a carpet that allows him to bet on the numbered boxes of their choice.

First, note that if you know how to earn roulette money in a terrestrial casino, you know how to do it on an online casino.

The players present around the table must make bets by placing their tokens on the carpet. When the dealer announces, "make your games", they bet on the number of their choice. When the dealer announces that "the games are made", the bets are closed. The roulette then begins to turn until the ball stops on one of the boxes. As soon as the ball stops, the dealer announces the winning number.

Roll variants

There are several variants of roulette, but the rule is almost the same. In online or terrestrial casinos, you will find American roulette, European roulette, Mexican roulette and American roulette which are the main and most known variants.

The American version of Classic Roulette has a table at 0 and 00. American roulette stands out for the possibility of external bets for more gains. Mexican roulette is distinguished by its triple 0 box. European roulette is the one that offers the most chances of winning, because it has only one box 0.

Any casino roulette variant is based on probabilities. To find out how to win, you will then have to implement strategies. However, even if you are a beginner, you can still win roulette.

Roulette rules in detail

To play roulette, you must place your bets on the table and announce the numbers. There may be a multitude of ads depending on the games on the carpet. It should be noted that to announce the 1, it must be said first. When you make your ads, you must list the numbers on which you are betting on. The same is true for the simple chances you are betting on. Here are the different bets you can make in order to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game.

The full number - 35 +

You bet on a single number, which can bring you your bet 35 times if you win. That is to say, if you bet 1 euro on number 3 and the ball falls on number 3, you will earn 1 euros x35 in addition to your starting bet.

The two numbers with 2 horse - 17 +

You are betting on two numbers that will allow you to earn the bet 17 times. Your token will be placed on horseback on the separation line of these two numbers. To announce it, it must be said "Horse 1-4 or horse 1-2"

The transversal - 11 +

You are betting on 3 numbers to earn the bet 11 times. The token will be placed at the end of a line of three numbers. To announce it, it must be said "transverse 2-4"

Le Carré - 8 + Put

This focus is on 4 numbers and will gain the bet 8 times. To play a square of 1.2, 4.5, you must announce "Carré 1-5".

Sizain - 5 +

It is a question of making a 6 issues. The token will be placed on the tip of two lines of three numbers. To bet 1, 2, 3, 4.5, you must announce "Sizain 1-6".

La Duzaine - 2 + Put

It's about betting on 12 numbers. The bet will be placed on the dozen that you have chosen that you must announce as follows: first twelve, twelve milieu or last twelve. This bet will bring you 2x the initial bet.

The two dozen - 1/2 +

In this bet, you bet on 24 numbers. It will allow you to gain ½ of your bet.

The column - 2 +

If you bet on the column, you bet on the 12 numbers there. The token will be placed either in the first or in the second or third. The bet will make you win 2x the initial bet.

Two columns on horseback - 1/2 +

The principle resumes the putting of the dozen on horseback, except that it is done on the columns. The gain is 1/2.

Simple chances - 1 +

It is a question of betting on the simple chances located on the bottom of the carpet. It will allow you a 1x the bet.

The rule of 0

The rule of the game concerning zero is special. If the ball falls on zero, all full bets are lost. The player then loses all his bets, but can recover it. To do this, the same color has just been played is out.

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