Explanation of bingo rules

Cataloged in the category of lottery games, the bingo is an entertainment that no longer lacks the call in the online casinos toy library. However, it is clear that many players still hesitate to turn to this game, however so profitable. If you want to diversify your experience or fun or see if the grass is greener with the bingo, you are without the shadow of a doubt on the page that needs. We will explain here everything there is to know about Bingo rules and the operation of this game. If you want to start by playing it without delay, you will just find the most reliable and secure bingo casinos here. Come on, let's start!

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General about bingo rules

With rules that are very simple to integrate, the bingo is one of the games of chance that is not aimed at any specific player profile. In other words, everyone can play it, without any particular aptitude required. It should be noted, however, that the Bingo rules vary depending on whether you play bingo in FDJ version, Live bingo in a physical or virtual room or even bingo titles offered by online casinos. This last form of bingo is the most widespread and the one on which we will focus in this article.

Presentation of the bingo: the constituent elements of the game

The bingo is played with a total of 90 balls which are numbered from 1 to 90. You will also notice on the interface of the game the presence of a card which contains grids formed by 3 lines and 9 columns. The grids have 15 different numbers spread over the 3 lines. Depending on the game you will play, you will see a bourier and a host who announce the boules numbers drawn as is the case for the indoor bingo.

The course of a bingo game

Before the start of a bingo game, the player can choose to play on one or more grids at the same time. Note that the grids are chargeable. It will therefore be necessary to make a deposit on your casino account in order to have the necessary budget to buy as much as you wish. Know that the grids differ from each other.

If you therefore want to play more than one grid during a game, you can, like certain bettors, study the numbers registered on each card before you are purchased. You also have the possibility of getting back to chance to select the boxes to play.

As soon as the game starts, depending on the bingo rules, the numbers out of the ball device and are announced by the host are systematically checked if they are on the player or the player's boxes. When the player manages to complete his grid, he wins gains.

With the Bingo version offered by online casinos, it is not necessary to exclaim bingo to announce that you have a winning ticket and even less to validate your ticket to collect your earnings.

Indeed, everything happens automatically to save you time and energy. Also add that with this bingo form, you absolutely do not need to stay taped on your screen to closely monitor the numbers that are drawn. So you can press the button that launches the ball draw and go about other occupations. If you win, your payment will be there to expect

How to win at the bingo?

As we have just mentioned, the Bingo golden rule is to complete its grid. "But how is it going," could you ask yourself?

Well, imagine that this is a very good question! Indeed, if the principle of play consisting in drawing the balls remains the same, whatever the title we play, the Bingo rules on the other hand can vary from one game to another.

Indeed, in order to offer players a unique experience, developers are constantly innovating and defining their own bingo rules to win. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to adapt to a brand new playability

Although there is a bingo game Kyrielle, the vast majority uses one or the other of these two main types of playability:

Bingo rule n ° 1

This is the classic rule inspired by the indoor bingo. To win here, you must therefore have a specific scheme on your grid. In general, games using this Bingo rule have a payment table that brings together all the different winning schemes available, and each diagram is associated with payments that depend on its complexity.

The winning patterns generally include the best known that is the quine which consists in completing a line, the double quine which amounts to completing two lines then the full card which means that all the drawn numbers correspond to those appearing on your card. Obviously, obtaining this diagram which is the most lucrative is the grail of all Bingo enthusiasts.

Bingo rule n ° 2

This bingo rule is somewhat different from the previous one, but rest assured, it is just as easy to assimilate.

The principle of games using this rule is to offer payments according to the number of numbers that will be released and having been chosen by the player. It should be noted that there is always a minimum number of correspondence to be obtained to be paid.

Take an example to better illustrate the operation of this type of bingo game.

Imagine that on a ticket containing 80 numbers, you can choose 10. After choosing your numbers, you will have to press a button to launch the bourier rotation that will release 20 balls. In the batch of balls drawn, those that will match your ticket numbers will bring you payments. If all your 10 numbers chosen correspond to balls among the 20 that have come out, then you will have made a full box and can pocket the jackpot.

Obviously, in the event of obtaining 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 or 4 correspondence with the shot balls, you will be gratified with a payment. Note that 4 is the minimum number of correspondence to have a gain

Bingo game bonus features

Always with the aim of offering entertainment to any other like players, the developers integrate bonus features into their creations that enhance the fun experience and change the Bingo rules, but to a lesser extent. This is the case, for example, of the "Extra Ball" functionality which is common to many games. When triggered, it offers the possibility of drawing additional balls, but without paying money, giving the player a chance to be able to complete a winning scheme on his ticket

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