What is the best strategy for winning blackjack?

Beyond having fun, the goal of any player when he engages in a game like Blackjack is to make money. To get there, it is therefore constantly looking for the best winning tips. This article goes around the most popular game techniques and presents the best stratigary blackjack To beat the dealer. You will be able, after reading, not only to play better, but also and above all to optimize your chances of winning. And since you will have to apply the Blackjack strategy, we have compiled for you in the table below the casinos offering the best blackjack tables on the market.

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What are the most famous Blackjack strategies?

To help you maximize your chances of winning when you play this fascinating table game, several Blackjack strategies exist. Among these, we can cite the blackjack table still called the basic strategy and the counting of cards which has variants like the True Count and the Low Hi. These Blackjack strategies have the particularity of completing. There is a big chance that you cannot easily understand or master the counting of Blackjack cards if you do not know the basic strategy.

In the same vein, you will not be able to use the True Count and the Low Hi without a good knowledge of the cards counting. Before continuing, it is very important that this scheme is clear in your mind. In addition to these complementary blackjack strategies, there are conservative strategies, Martingale or the 1-3-6 bet system which are completely independent of each other.

Speaking of stratbugies blackjack The most popular, they are proven those. They are therefore not only effective, but also easy to use because of their simplicity. Among the strategies cited above, those that bring together these criteria are the basic strategy and the counting of cards.

What is the best blackjack strategy among the most used?

The table is undoubtedly the best stratigary blackjack. Several reasons justify this when a comparison is made with the card counting strategy.

On the one hand, there is the fact that the Blackjack table is a fairly simple technique to master, regardless of your level. Except to know how to read, you do not need any skills to be able to use it, and you can even print it and take it with you without problem in the casinos.

On the other hand, the decisions made using the Blackjack table offer fairly good reliability since the latter is based on very specific probabilities and statistics, an exact science therefore.

So you have the assurance of making the best decisions possible. As a reminder, these decisions depend on your hand and that of the dealer. In addition, this Blackjack strategy helps you, when controlled and well followed, to reduce the advantage of the casino below 1%, which is breathtaking.

As for the stratigary blackjack Card counting, it offers less insurance. Indeed, it requires an extreme concentration at the risk of no longer being able to follow the distributed cards and to bias the count. In addition, the human being you are might not remain concentrated 100% for long hours, moreover under conditions that are not optimal.

All these elements put together, you will agree that you are therefore not immune to deconcentration. Result of the races: a moment of inattention generating an impossible error to catch up quickly. Finally, the Blackjack Cards counting strategy is prohibited and tracked down by certain casinos although not illegal.

How to use the basic blackjack strategy?

As we have hammered several times, the stratigary blackjack basic is quite simple and requires no special skills. The table may seem intimidating in view of its size. But, it is not. All you have to do is understand its functioning and to know by heart the actions to be carried out according to each draw. Once this is done, the application of the strategy becomes child's play. By the way, you should never take insurance.

Based on your hand and the visible card of the dealer, you will know exactly the decision to be made by referring to the table. But before, it is necessary to distinguish if it is a flexible hand (one of the 2 cards is an ace) or rigid (none of the 2 cards is an ace). You will then have the choice between:

To read the table, you must go from left to right, having in mind that the visible map of the dealer is on the 1st line and your hand corresponds to the 1st column of the table. To determine the decision to be made, you will only have to identify the intercession between the two.

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