teufeurs: one of the best streamers casino to follow

Most people know the online casino games and the possibility of making a lot of money. But what about those who go further and broadcast their game live so others can watch it? This is the case of Teufeurs, better known as TEUF or TEUFTEUF.

Ce casino streamer To a large number of passionate fans who love to see him attack the slot machines and the game tables in search of this big gain so difficult to obtain.

who is teufeurs?

Son of factors born August 26, 1993 in Le Mans, Teuf, Teufeurs or even Kylian His real name was once a truck driver intended to lead an ordinary life. But following a road accident, he was forced to abandon his job for incapacity.

Without work, TEUF spent hours on video games and he particularly liked League of Legends, H1Z1 and Counter Strike. At the start, he played on his own and it was to spend time and have fun. Then he started to do live sur Twitch And he quickly seduced the public.

Teufeurs regularly returned to the streaming platform to launch lives on H1Z1 or GTA. Over time, the young man discovers the online casino. Playing slot machines has become a real passion for him.

TEUF quickly accumulated a strong competence and he decided to publish his Twitch game sessions. His great adventure as a Streamer Casino began. Currently, the young man has become a celebrity.

teufeurs and online casino games

Teufeurs won a lot of gains in online casino games. Thanks to his live sessions published on Twitch, he was spotted by Bitcasino. The operator offered him a contract with a real salary.

Thanks to this new resource, the young streamer was able to make big bets. This obviously attracted the attention of Internet users. The number of his viewers on Twitch has skyrocketed and has become one of the most followed streamers.

It should be noted that Teufeurs is a real Casino game expert. Indeed, he excels in blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machine. He has a little leaning for the famous title Reactoonz de Play’n Go and the Legion novel by Gamomat.

the biggest victories of teufEURs

In 2019, Teufeurs saw his universe switch when he has invested everything They are casino bonus And the money in his Paypal account at the Games. This represented a nice jackpot in the amount of $ 18,000. At the end of the first session, he pocketed $ 53,000.

Among the most beautiful victories of American streamer, there is the gain of $ 850,000 obtained by playing the Dog House Megaays sub -mail and the $ 80,000 won in blackjack. With such an incredible course, Teufeurs has become a legend in the field of streaming casino.